Message From Hony. Secretary

Rtn. JP Chauhan

Rtn. JP Chauhan

Dear Fellow Rotarians and R'Anns

Greetings !!!

It is indeed an honor to be selected as the Hony. Secretary of the most distinguished and happening club of RI District: 3011. I am thankful to Rtn. Arun Gupta for selecting me for this position and for placing trust & confidence in my abilities.

As we starting with new Rotary Year, My request to all Rotary family members to recall the reasons you first joined this club. There must be common answers from everyone. Either you have joined for fellowship or to engage yourself in community service. Whatever reason you might had that time, Each Rotarian shares in a deep commitment to ‘Service Above Self.’ This idea has drawn clubs in every corner of the world and binding 1.3 million Rotarians in one knot.

Rotary is an exceptional organization whose members do extra ordinary things every day but we should let society be informed about that and acknowledge that. Keep talking about Rotary in your circle, encourage establishment of your club as a brand in your society. After that, getting more members will be most simple task because people will join you after seeing your work and you need not to approach them to join club.

In short: let's get it done! This is the time to deliver! THIS is the place to commit. And yes there are many things to do in the society. But it is up to us to prioritize them and work on them. Working together, our club can leave a meaningful mark this Rotary year.

Rtn. JP Chauhan
Hony. Secretary
Rotary Club of Rewari Main